Being wealthy doesn't mean having all the money in the world, just not having to worry about it.

I’m Back!

Happy Reboot Day! For the past year-plus I’ve had to put the website on hold while I focused on various professional and personal matters, the most important being the final illness and passing of my beloved wife of 30 years. I’m doing great, thanks, and Diane said she’ll kill me if I keep using her as an excuse not to post on SimplyRich every week.

So here I am. I have lots of plans for the website, but first things first: I’m back to posting every Friday, effective today, with the usual caveats about targets being useful even when every shot isn’t a bullseye.

I’ve been doing a lot of research for clients about college costs and financing, as well as the positive side of credit cards and credit ratings, and my recent experience does remind me of the very simple things that can be done to make the estate-planning issues related to a loved one’s death (or yours) easier for those handling the distribution of assets. Several upcoming posts will deal with those.

The rest will depend on what you ask of me, so send messages to Ask Less, and I’ll figure out a way to make your question general enough to help all readers. No guarantees, but if you include your email in the message, I might send you suggestions tailored to your personal situation. As always, in my posted answer I won’t include any names or other identifying information about the questioner.