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SimplyRich provides comprehensive financial planning services. We begin with a thorough review of your financial life, including identification of your goals, spending, savings and debt management, insurance needs, estate planning and legal documents, and investments. We follow an easy-to-understand Report Card identifying 25 different areas as a guide for making changes, instead of providing a computerized financial plan filled with pie charts and numbers. We will work with you to address the items in the Report Card, one by one, as your time permits. This initial engagement often takes three-to-six months to complete.

Part of the engagement will identify an investment strategy for your liquid assets. And if we decide to continue a long-term engagement, we will provide discretionary management of assets under custody at an independent brokerage firm. We will, of course, provide continuing comprehensive financial-planning advice to our long-term clients.

Our fee for the initial comprehensive financial-planning engagement is a flat fee of $3,000. Our fee for continuing asset management and comprehensive advice is 0.125% of assets under management per quarter (0.5% annually). The minimum quarterly fee is $1,000.

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